Evirtual X-Autoimport

Auto Product Import is used to import the bulk products from web services OR XML/JSON. It is easy to use and user friendly, the setup up is quick and efficient. Thousands of products can be imported within few minutes on single click.

Easy mapping fields:
It have the feature of Category mapping by which user can import the category wise products. It also have the Product attributes mapping, user can just map the XML/JSON or web services fields with database fields and RUN the profile.

Images can be imported directly using image url, no need to import on server and move image files. No core file conflict, Pure code and the data will be imported quickly.

  • Import Images After First Run – Yes/No
  • Category mapping
  • Fast Products Import
  • Multiple XML with multi NODE
  • Cron Setting for each Profile
  • Community Edition: 1.6.x.x to 1.9.x.x

You are able to control every aspect of the extension

  • General Setting
  • Profile
  • Cron Tab Setting
  • Validate Data Source
  • Root Field Mapping
  • Field Mapping
  • Category


Title It is the Title of the Profile
Profile Type Profile Type is "Import" to select
Data Type Data Type is "Product" to select
Allowed Import Option

Allowed Import Option you can choose according to your Requirement

Here is Three Options to choose

  • Update existing items only,skip new ones
  • create new items & update existing ones
  • create new items only, skip existing ones
Import Images If you want to Import the Image in Profile then you have to select YES in this if not want then NO in this Field
Import Images After First Run If you want to Import the Images after first run then you can select YES in this if not want then NO in this Field
Re-index Products Re-index Products is useful to index the Product tables after the import if you want to do manually then set to NO
Refresh URL Rewrite Refresh URL Rewrite is useful to assign the Product url based on the Product name and SKU
Attribute Set You can Select the Magento attribute set here for Mapping the Product attribute, all Attribute are display in mapping according to the Attribute set
Skip Products By SKU Put the SKU of the Product that you not want to import with this Profile
Skip Attributes On Update Put the attribute code of magento that you not want to import with this Profile (it help you if you not want to import the Price and cost after first run of Profile)
Status This Field help to enable and disable the Profile.

Status Status is related to the disable the Cron for the Particular Profile of X-Autoimport

Source Type  We support the Source Type  as XML in Profile
Source URL
Source URL is web URL of you XML file that alias on any server
Validate Data  Validate Data is the Button that Validate the XML and for Mapping so you Must have to click on this Button before Proceed next.

Root Field Mapping

Root Field Mapping is very useful part of the mapping where you can define the root of the Product data in the XML

there is Two type of the Root :

If XML have the One Product to import then It called as Example 1 XML

in this case you have to select the Parent Node as <chinavasio.com> .


If XML have the More then One Product to import then it called as Example 2 XML

in this case you have to select Parent node as <Product>


Example 1
Example 2

In Database In Database have the list of the Attributes based on the Attribute set that you select on the Profile section
In File In File have the list of the nodes that alias in the file

Use Magento Single Category  Here is List of all Magento category and one option called "NO", if you select no then mapping will show else all Product imported in single category
Mapping In this you can select the database category and xml category and map that
Category Field  In this Field you have to select the Category node from you xml, if you have multiple node for category like category, subcategory then select multiple here else you can go with single node

Option 1: Disable the Extension 

  • Open /app/etc/modules/Evirtual_Xautoimport.xml
  • and change to <active>true</active> to <active>false</active>


Option 2: Remove all Files

  • According to the Extension Hierarchy Remove all Files
  • Remove the tables that named as "evirtual"

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