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Now the wait is over. Magento®2 is probably one of the most leading topics in the Magento ®2 community.
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You can find two important changes in the Magento®2 file structure. First is everything is placed directly under the app structure. The another is every module has its own view directory in which you can access all template, layout, js, and css/less files of any specific module.

CSS Preprocessing

Magento®2 does not use Bootstrap but uses its own LESS and CSS in the theme core. It has the publisher to find and publish CSS together with other view static files placed under the pub/ directory.

Performance and Scalability

Improve indexers: Indexing is the way Magento®2 system transforms merchant data, such as catalog data, prices, users, stores, etc. by creating index tables and keeping them updated to boost the query speed and improve the performance of your online store.

Full page caching

This means all content from a static page is cached, therefore, increasing performance and significantly reducing the server load.

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Magento® 2 Comparison

The difference between these unique solutions

Magento 1

  • Catalogue 500 k Views per hour
  • Checkout 42 K orders per hour

Magento 2

  • Catalogue 10 M Views per hour
  • Checkout 90 K orders per hour